The Gazillion Bubble Show

The Gazillion Bubble Show


December 30, 2024    
3:00 pm - 6:00 pm


New World Stages: Stage 2
340 West 50th Street , New York, NY, 10019

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Step into a dreamlike world of wonder and amazement, where the impossible becomes reality and the mundane transforms into the magical. What if we told you that you could escape the ordinary and enter a universe where bubbles take on a life of their own, creating a spectacle of color, light, and imagination? Intrigued? You should be, because The Gazillion Bubble Show is coming to the New World Stages: Stage 2 on Monday, December 30th, 2024.

Renowned for its enchanting performances, The Gazillion Bubble Show has captivated audiences worldwide with its unique blend of artistry and spectacle. Picture this: A stage filled with whimsical bubble formations, some as delicate as a butterfly’s wing and others as grand as a crystal palace. The show is the brainchild of the Yang family, world record holders and bubble artists extraordinaire, who have crafted an unforgettable experience that transcends age and language barriers.

In this year’s performance, the Yang family will take the art of bubble manipulation to new heights, incorporating lasers, lighting effects, and a captivating soundtrack to create an immersive sensory experience. It’s not just a show; it’s a journey into a fantastical world that exists at the intersection of science and magic.

But the experience doesn’t end at the edge of the stage. Attendees will have the chance to participate in exclusive activities, such as a behind-the-scenes look at the bubble magic, meet and greets with the performers, and the opportunity to take home a piece of the show with limited edition merchandise. These are experiences you won’t find anywhere else, and they’re only available to those who attend the event.

Previous attendees have described the show as “breathtaking,” “jaw-dropping,” and “like stepping into a dream.” Year after year, the Gazillion Bubble Show has sold out venues across the globe, underscoring its popularity and success. Now, it’s your turn to partake in the magic. However, seating is limited, and with the buzz surrounding this year’s unique features, tickets are selling fast.

Don’t let this opportunity pop and vanish! Embrace the chance to be part of this extraordinary event. Remember, the magic of the Gazillion Bubble Show is ephemeral, much like the bubbles themselves – here for a moment, creating a lasting impression, and then gone. This isn’t just a show; it’s a moment in time, a memory in the making. Do you really want to hear the tales of this magical spectacle from others, or do you want to tell the story?

The time to act is now. Reserve your spot in this mesmerizing universe. Purchasing tickets is as easy as a click, with multiple payment options available. Don’t let this be the event you wish you’d attended – seize the moment and secure your tickets today.

And while you’re at it, why not bring a little extra joy to your social circle? Spread the word about The Gazillion Bubble Show. Tag your friends, share the magic, and create memories together at this once-in-a-lifetime event. After all, shared joy is double joy. See you at the New World Stages on December 30th, 2024, for an unforgettable experience!