Dungeons & Dragons: The Twenty-Sided Tavern

Dungeons & Dragons: The Twenty-Sided Tavern


October 12, 2024    
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Stage 42 - New York
422 West 42nd St. , New York, NY, 10036

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Roll for initiative, because the event of a lifetime is coming to Stage 42, New York! Dungeons & Dragons: The Twenty-Sided Tavern is set to astound you on Saturday, October 12th, 2024. This is not just a concert but an immersive experience where fantasy music meets live role-playing. Will you heed the call to adventure?

Prepare to delve into the magical realm of Dungeons & Dragons, the world-renowned role-playing game that has captivated millions. The Twenty-Sided Tavern will feature an orchestra performing epic scores from the game, coupled with live actors bringing your favorite characters to life. Renowned for its creative blend of music, theater, and interactive entertainment, this event has earned a multitude of awards and rave reviews.

Experience the symphony of the adventurer’s spirit as the orchestra performs scores that have echoed through the halls of countless campaigns. Witness the physical embodiment of iconic characters, as actors don costumes and adopt personas straight out of the Forgotten Realms. This is an event that will stir the hearts of all adventurers, whether you’re a seasoned Dungeon Master or new to the game.

But the wonders don’t stop at the stage. Exclusive features await the bravest adventurers. Limited VIP packages offer a backstage tour where you can meet the performers, see the props and costumes up close, and even roll the dice in a quick game with the cast. Plus, unique merchandise will be available only at the event, perfect memorabilia for this unforgettable night.

The Twenty-Sided Tavern has a history of sold-out shows and satisfied audiences. The previous year’s attendees have hailed it as “a critical hit” and “an epic quest of music and fantasy”. As one fan put it, “The Twenty-Sided Tavern isn’t just a concert, it’s a journey into the heart of D&D. It was an experience I will never forget.”

This is not an event you can afford to miss. Tickets are limited and are expected to sell out quickly. You don’t want to be the one hearing tales of the incredible performances, the laughter and cheers, and the immersive fantasy experience. Imagine the regret of missing out on this once-in-a-lifetime event, while others regale you with stories of epic battles fought and new friendships forged.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your tickets now and step into the world of Dungeons & Dragons like never before. Purchasing tickets is as simple as casting a cantrip. And don’t forget to share your excitement. Let your friends know about the upcoming adventure, because every party needs a cleric, a rogue, and a bard. Whether you’re a long-time fan or a curious newcomer, Dungeons & Dragons: The Twenty-Sided Tavern promises an unforgettable evening of music, fantasy, and camaraderie. Will you answer the call? The adventure awaits.