Dungeons & Dragons: The Twenty-Sided Tavern

Dungeons & Dragons: The Twenty-Sided Tavern


October 13, 2024    
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Stage 42 - New York
422 West 42nd St. , New York, NY, 10036

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Prepare to embark on a fantastical journey where epic tales and mythical creatures come alive. Enter the world of Dungeons & Dragons: The Twenty-Sided Tavern, a live concert experience like no other, happening at the Stage 42 – New York on Sunday, October 13th, 2024.

This isn’t your average concert; it’s an immersive, interactive musical adventure where you’re not just a spectator—you’re part of the story. This unique event takes the beloved tabletop role-playing game, Dungeons & Dragons, and brings it to life with a thrilling fusion of live music, storytelling, and audience participation. The question is, are you ready to roll the dice?

At the heart of the Twenty-Sided Tavern is a band of gifted musicians, each an accomplished player in their own right. They will guide you through the narrative, their music setting the stage for each twist and turn of the tale. You can expect to hear epic orchestral compositions, whimsical folk tunes, and heart-pounding battle hymns, all intricately woven into the narrative fabric of the Dungeons & Dragons universe.

Moreover, this musical spectacle is not all that awaits you. You’ll also experience a captivating visual display, with stunning set designs and dramatic lighting effects that plunge you deep into the world of the game. Weaving together an auditory and visual narrative, the Twenty-Sided Tavern blurs the line between fantasy and reality.

Now for the best part – this concert is not just about watching; it’s about participating. Attendees will have the opportunity to influence the course of the story, with decisions made at critical junctures shaping the outcome of the musical journey. This makes each performance a unique experience, never to be repeated.

In the past, the Twenty-Sided Tavern has been a sell-out success, with attendees praising the unforgettable experience. One fan raved, “It was like stepping into another world. The music was phenomenal, and the chance to be part of the story was just incredible.”

The event’s exclusivity adds to its allure. With limited edition merchandise available only to those who attend, this is a unique opportunity to take home a piece of the magic. But be warned, these are limited in quantity and are sure to be snapped up fast.

The clock is ticking, and the tickets are selling faster than a dragon’s flight. If you miss out, you’ll be missing more than just a concert – you’ll be missing a once-in-a-lifetime experience, a chance to be part of an unforgettable story. The question remains, will you seize the opportunity?

Now is the time to secure your place in the tale. Tickets for Dungeons & Dragons: The Twenty-Sided Tavern are available now at Stage 42. The process is simple, with multiple payment options available for your convenience.

Don’t keep this epic adventure to yourself. Share the news with your fellow adventurers on social media and let them know about the unmissable event that awaits. Tag your friends, gather your party, and prepare to step into a world of fantasy, music, and adventure. See you at the Twenty-Sided Tavern!