Dungeons & Dragons: The Twenty-Sided Tavern

Dungeons & Dragons: The Twenty-Sided Tavern


August 27, 2024    
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Stage 42 - New York
422 West 42nd St. , New York, NY, 10036

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Imagine a world where the roll of a die determines your fate, where mythical creatures and magical spells are the norm, and where the only limit is your imagination. This isn’t just any world, it’s the world of Dungeons & Dragons, and it’s coming to life on Stage 42 in New York City on Tuesday, August 27th, 2024. Are you ready to step into the extraordinary?

Welcome to Dungeons & Dragons: The Twenty-Sided Tavern. This isn’t just a concert, it’s an immersive experience that takes you deep into the heart of the world’s most beloved role-playing game. The event features an all-star line-up of musicians and performers who are not just masters of their craft, but are also passionate D&D enthusiasts. They’ve conjured a spell-binding performance that combines music, storytelling, and live action role-play.

The concert is more than a spectacle; it’s a tribute to the enduring legacy of D&D. The game that has sparked the imagination of millions for over four decades, inspired countless works of art, and even won a place in the National Toy Hall of Fame. This event is a homage to the game’s rich history and its enduring impact on popular culture.

Experience the magic firsthand with exclusive features like backstage passes and VIP experiences. Get a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes action, meet the artists, and become part of the story. Plus, don’t miss out on limited edition merchandise that’s exclusive to the event, from hoodies and posters to custom-made D20s.

Past attendees can’t stop raving about the event. “It was like stepping into another world”, says one. “The music was incredible, the performances were out of this world, and I loved every minute of it”, says another. Don’t take our word for it, come see for yourself why this event has been selling out year after year.

But be warned: tickets are limited, and they’re going fast. If you miss out, you’ll be missing out on a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You won’t just be missing a concert, you’ll be missing the chance to be part of a historic moment, to witness the world of Dungeons & Dragons come alive in a way you’ve never seen before.

So what are you waiting for? Buy your tickets now, and step into the world of Dungeons & Dragons. With just a click, you could be on your way to an unforgettable adventure.

Don’t forget to share your excitement with your friends. Spread the word on social media, and invite your fellow adventurers to join you on this epic journey. After all, in the world of D&D, every great story begins with a party of adventurers.

So come, gather your party, and embark on an unforgettable journey. Join us at the Twenty-Sided Tavern, and step into the world of Dungeons & Dragons.