October 9, 2024    
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Walter Kerr Theatre
219 W. 48th Street , New York, NY, 10036

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Prepare to be swept off your feet by the enchanting melodies and captivating story of Hadestown, as it takes center stage at the Walter Kerr Theatre on Wednesday, October 9th, 2024. This is not just any ordinary show, but a riveting and mesmerizing journey into a mythological world that beckons you with its allure. Are you ready to step into the world of Hadestown?

Hadestown is no stranger to the spotlight. This Tony Award-winning masterpiece has entranced audiences worldwide with its fusion of modern American folk music and vintage New Orleans jazz. The critically acclaimed show breathes new life into two age-old tales from Greek mythology, that of young lovers Orpheus and Eurydice, and the timeless story of King Hades and his wife Persephone. The legendary Anaïs Mitchell, creator of Hadestown, and the visionary director Rachel Chavkin have crafted a spectacle that transcends the boundaries of theatre.

Imagine this: the lights dim, the curtain rises, and you are immediately enveloped in a world where love, hope, and ambition intertwine with the harsh realities of life and death. Each performance is a whirlwind of raw emotions, electrifying performances, and hauntingly beautiful music that will leave you breathless. And that’s not all. The visual grandeur of the stage design, combined with the stunning choreography and the hypnotic rhythm of the band, ensures an experience that is both visually and audibly astounding.

Want more? We have a handful of exclusive features that make attending this enchanting spectacle even more worthwhile. The privileged few will have the opportunity to enjoy VIP experiences, including backstage passes that offer a unique glimpse into the world behind the scenes. Not to mention the limited edition merchandise that will serve as a timeless reminder of an unforgettable evening.

Let’s take a moment to reflect on the past. Hadestown has consistently sold out shows year after year, receiving standing ovations and rave reviews from attendees. “It’s more than a show, it’s an experience,” one theatre-goer commented, echoing the sentiments of many. “I was completely taken by the beauty and depth of the performances,” another shared. Don’t just take their word for it, come and witness the magic for yourself.

Now here’s the kicker: tickets are limited. The demand for Hadestown has always been high, and this year is no exception. The clock is ticking, and with each passing second, the opportunity to be a part of this extraordinary event slips away. You don’t want to miss out on the chance to witness this unique performance, to be part of an event that will be etched in the annals of theatre history. This is the show that everyone will be talking about. Do you really want to be the one who missed it?

The time to act is now. Secure your seat for an unforgettable journey into Hadestown. With just a few clicks, you can buy your tickets and guarantee your spot in the audience. We’ve made the process as easy as possible, offering a range of payment options to suit your needs.

And once you’ve booked your spot, why not share the joy? Let your friends know about the upcoming spectacle. Tag them on social media, and create memories that will last a lifetime. After all, experiences like these are meant to be shared.

Embrace the magic, the music, and the myth. Join us for Hadestown at the Walter Kerr Theatre on October 9th, 2024. It’s more than a show, it’s an unforgettable experience. Don’t miss out – book your tickets now.